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Bank Robbers Arrested

The Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional carried out a joint operation that culminated in the arrests of two bank robbers accused of having carried out raids on the Banco Popular in Salobrena. These two men had burst into the branch, wearing hoods and carrying fire-arms on the 1st of July. A third member of the gang waited outside with the get-away car.

Police Camera Stolen

Still on a judicial note, a man has been found guilty of stealing a Guardia Civil surveillance camera that they had set up to monitor the sale of drugs.

80 Missing Packages

The Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera (the briny branch of the Guardia Civil equivalent to Customs and Excise) has been busy looking for 80 parcels of hashish that was thrown overboard by smugglers during a chase just off Almunecar.

Mooning the Green Meanies

A court in Jaén has sentenced a man to a 6-month, suspended sentence for mooning two Guardia Civil policemen and then resisting arrest. Mooning, for those of you whose first language is not English, means to take your trousers down and display your buttocks in the direction of somebody. A classic example is that scene in the Braveheart film.

Highway Hold Up

The Guardia Civil in Atarfe managed to track down three individuals that beat the crap out of a driver in order to steal his car.

Smuggling Yacht Trial

And talking of Narco Nabbing… the case of a yacht, skippered by a Swiss, 67-year-old man and crewed by a younger Italian companion, which was caught carrying drugs, is coming up shortly.

Human, all too Human

A part-time Malaga policeman was killed in a shootout with a SWAT team when they tried to arrest him on suspicion of a kidnap attempt of a local bank manager.

Hash Nabbed

Again, a judge at the Motril criminal law courts has been earning his salary and handed down three year’s imprisonment to a man from Rincón de la Victoria…

Rehearsing Tragedy

Towards the end of last month, drivers found that the entrance to the A-7 was blocked by the Guardia Civil – the same was the case at the Taramay end.

Not One, But Three…

A man who ran over three Guardia Civil agents near La Rabita is facing over ten years in prison and being sectioned (interned in a psychiatric ward). The chap, who suffers from Bi-polar Syndrome, claims of the incident, “I didn’t realise I had hit them with my car.”