editorial comments on topical news subjects

Market Demolition Begins

ALM Market Demolition April 20

Probably one of the most controversial actions carried out by the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, is taking place: the demolition of the municipal market.

Confinement Creativity

So, we all need cheering up and thousands of people shut up in their own homes are working at precisely that. We can both enjoy and marvel at this video!

A Silver Lining

SPN Balcony Clapping

Something good is coming out of this crisis situation and that is the return of a neighbourly proximity and community spirit.

Passing on Hoaxes

SPN Hoax Calls

Hoaxes propagate faster on social media than the coronavirus does on the streets; you can expect the latter, but what sickness spreads the former?

A Kick in the Teeth

SPN Prime Minister Sanchez

The very backbone of the Spanish economy is made up of autónomos (self-employed workers) yet the measures announced by the Government ignore them.

Worried about Brexit?

COS Brexit Survey

This question has nothing to do with whether you are in favour or not, but rather how you feel it is going to affect your living here or holiday-home stays.