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Brick Gem Demolished

ALM Controversial House Demolition Calle Bikini

The demolition of an old but singular house in Almuñécar last month is nothing new; many remember the loss of that beautiful old house in front of the Church…


GRA LEC Nigüelas

This article was published in this month’s paper edition of the Gazette but we thought that we would give it a wider field by repeating it online.


Poem Midnight

I don’t want to make a habit of posting poems, but this one, written in 1978, is also a kiddies’ one in tune with Halloween…

The Clock Tale

Poem Kiddies' clock

I wrote this kiddies’ poem back in 1983, precisely forty years ago (published in Up to Bridge Forty, 1989). I hope your grandchildren enjoy it.

The Kiss of Death

SPN Women's World Cup AG23

Prosecutors have opened a sexual assault investigation following the Rubiales kiss and his mother has locked herself in a church in Motril and started a hunger strike.

An Extra Salary

ALM Pleno Plenary 14AG23

In Almuñécar on the 14th, the Almuñécar Town Council held a Extraordinary Plenary Meeting to approve Mancomunidad representatives.