Extreme Nail Biting

AND Kenyan Witchcraft in Sevilla

A woman in Sevilla cut off two fingers from her flat mate’s hand and ate them, which didn’t go down well. Actually the fingers did but the victim wasn’t happy about it.

The Welcome Foreign Invasion

ALM Mad Swedes OnL

The Guiris are back, much to the relief of the struggling Costa Tropical tourist sector – during the summer it was national tourism but as autumn arrives that has dried up.

La Chana and Street Art

GRA Chana Open Gallery 02

The Chana is a working-class district of Granada that has left behind it reputation of being a conflictive area and what better demonstration of it than the following.

Street Name Juggling

MOT Ronda Sur

The far-right party VOX in Motril doesn’t like the name, Avenida Doctor Norman Bethune and wants it changed back to Ronda Sur, as it was known until 2017.