Cafeteria Fire in Motril

MOT Fire P Aurora 01

There was a fire in a cafetería on the groundfloor of a block of flats on Plaza de la Aurora in Motril yesterday morning. The Motril fire service managed to put out the fire, which started just after nine in the morning, within approximately four hours. The Policía Local and two ambulances were also at…

Roman Discovery

ALM Roman Discovery

Extensive renovation work on streets, above and below ground, has uncovered a Roman wall up in Barrio San Miguel in Almuñécar, not far from the castle.

Vox Wife Beater

AXA Wife Beating Vox

The Guardia Civil have arrested the Spokesperson for the far-right party, Vox in La Zubia (metropolitan Granada) for alleged gender violence at home.

Pady Motos, Motril

PP Pady Motors, Motril OnL

Now, when you recommend something, there can be no better guarantee than putting your money where your mouth is: I did, with Pady Motos in Motril.

Instant Retribution

ECO Albuñol Entrance

A 53-year-old, Lithuanian woman was sexually assaulted by a 33-year-old Moroccan man with a knife when she was on her way in Albuñol to see some friends.

Junta Publishes Decision

AND Marbella Night Life

Well, the Junta has finally published the BOJA, which is in the regional gazette and the final word on government decision – if it’s not in the Boja, it doesn’t count.

No CCTV on Beaches

SAL aeria beach shot OnL

The Provincial Delegate for the Central Government has told Salobreña that they can’t put CCTV on the beaches to make sure people are keeping their distance.