Two-Bus Collision

GRA Bus Collision JL22 Moraleda Z 400x250

All told 101 passengers, mostly foreigners, were on the two buses involved in a multi-vehicle pile up on the A-92, resulting in one death and 35 injured.

Mask Use May Return

AND Covid UCI ICU 400x250

With Spain entering the summer period, the figures for Covid cases are climbing, worryingly, the Central Government considers, and the question of mask usage has been raised.

The Train, Whoopee!

ALM Tropico Express 400x250

The tourist train that weaves its way through the streets of Almuñécar in the summer will recommence its runs today providing a mobile display of tourists for the townsfolk.

The Grumpy Victim

AND Mijas police station

When you crash your car into somebody’s house, you’re generally apologetic, after all, you can’t claim that they hit you, yet not everybody reacts that way.

Escape Room Tragedy

GRA Cájar Escape Room Tragedy

Escape Rooms are very popular in the provinces, both in the capital and other towns for groups of friends or families, but this one ended in somebody in the ICU.