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Nobody Understand Mads

FTR Danish

Standing at the zinc bar at my humble, favourite, morning-coffee, brewer’s place in Costa Granada, I do my best to have a conversation with my fellow coffee drinkers.

Farewell Prins Henrik

FTR Danish Prins Henrik

(COE22) Late in the evening on Tuesday 13th of February the Danish prince consort, Prins Henrik, died in Fredensborg Castle after a period of severe illness.

Bones, Eggs & Crowns

Please excuse me for being so Frank. After all, my name is Jes, not Frank, so I guess we’re kind of the 2018 version of the one-man James Brothers’ Gang: I’m Jesse and I’m Frank.

Grumpy Dane


I might as well say these words, while I still can, for puritanism and political correctness are taking over in Old Denmark…