When’s the last time that you had someone look at you feet? It stands to reason that with your growing body weight constantly burdening them and it’s getting more and more difficult to put your socks on, let alone cut your toenails, that those two lumps of distant flesh and bone take more hammering on a daily basis than any other part of your body – well, there’s your liver, but let’s not spoil a good start to an article.

What you need is a good tootsies mechanic; in other words, a qualified chiropodist. Someone to take a look at your in-growing toenails, calluses, foot & nail fungus, bacterial infections and foot ulcers, just to name a few ‘goodies’ that visit your forgotten feet.

Many of us have a diabetes problem and are not aware of it. This produces poor blood circulation in your legs and a loss of sensitivity in your feet – you can have a small stone in your shoe and not notice that it is there, causing damage, because you simply can’t feel it. The damage caused will take longer to heal, as well, again thanks to the poor blood circulation.

A good chiropodist can use computerised measuring of your feet for the fitting of custom-made implants (liners) for your footwear, which will go a long way to alleviating pain caused by overloading parts of your feet.

If after reading this you are thinking that you should pay a visit to a chiropodist, the good news that there is one, here on the coast, in Almuñécar, heading up Avenida Costa del Sol, on the left, towards the main-road (Guardia Civil) junction.

Your feet are in safe hands with Luis and Karina; two fully trained and registered chiropodists, who will advise you on how to look after your feet, so that they can look after you. Let’s face it; a buggered undercarriage is just not cricket.

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, Av. Costa del Sol 27, Almuñécar. Tel: 958 56 93 58 or 667 587 341.