Torrenueva Costa

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Paint A Wall Pretty

TNC Mural

More and more towns along the Costa Tropical are sporting murals in order to attract tourism, amongst them Castell de Ferro, Gualchos La Herradura, Otívar and now Torrenueva Costa.

Beaked Whale Rescue

TNC Beaked Whale MY22

The maritime branch of the Guardia Civil, with the help of several local divers last night, rescued a stranded beaked, whale on a Torrenueva Costa beach.

Not A Fair Fine?


When you spend a good part of an annual budget to attract tourists and then fine them during their stay, perhaps you are going about it the wrong way.

Torrenueva Barranco Fire

TNC Barranco Fire JL21 Sacratif

Personnel from the Motril fire service and fire fighters belonging to the forest-fire body, Infoca struggled last night to tackle a fire near the Torrenueva tunnel.

Jumbo Jellyfish!

TNC Jellyfish Arrive AG21

Costa Tropical has been panting for the arrival of foreign tourists, whom the tourist sector sorely misses, but visitors of a different kind arrived off Torrenueva.