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Drug Dealer Double Jeapordy

Low profiles and skylines are incompatible; in other words, if you’re doing something that you don’t want the police to find out about, keep out of trouble.

Serial Killer Caught?

The man who was arrested in the province of Malaga for the murder of two women could be a serial killer with other victims.

At Least Two Dead in Helicopter Crash

At least two people are dead following a helicopter crash, this morning, in the area known as La Fuente de la Gitana, which is in the Granada province between Tocón de Quéntar and La Peza. It also appears there are several people injured.

Not Bright

What about the burglar that hid under the bed and pretended to be unconscious when the police discovered him? Ragingly optimistic of him, no doubt. You can almost imagine the conversation, can’t you?

Bad Day for Mum

(Santa Fe/Granada) Little did Manuela Cordoba suspect, when she left her home in the morning, that by midday she would be mistaken for a bank robber and her son’s toy pistol confiscated…
She was fined 100 euros and had her driving licence confiscated… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s start at the beginning.

Desperate Arrivals

More or less since the late spring the eastern coast of Andalucia, including the Costa Tropical, has been receiving dozens of illegal immigrants in desperate conditions striving to reach land – undetected.

Juvenile Muggers Arrested

The Guardia Civil arrested two minors and a 23-year old, suspected of mugging people along the Avenida de Europa. This street gang had been operating for several weeks.

First of Ten Violent Episodes

Regional News: You will be surprised by the amount of violence in just one month – or perhaps you wont, but here goes: this is the first of a cluster of violent incidents within Andalucía during a month.

Velilla Copper Theft Thwarted

The Guardia Civil arrested a young man and a minor on a building site in Velilla, whom they had caught in the act of allegedly stripping copper from electrical installations.