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GRA Loaded Shopping TrolleyA group of women, two of whom are sisters, allegedly had an arrangement with a supermarket worker allowing them to walk off with loaded trolleys of goodies.

Every week over a period of 18 months the ‘trolley gang’ would visit the same supermarket, load up the trolley with the most expensive items on the shelves and then sail through the check out without spending a penny, thanks to a female cashier (the ‘inside man’) who rang up each purchase only to erase it immediately.

It is calculated that they managed to lift 42,000 euros in goods at this supermarket in Granada between January 2017 and the end of June, 2018; we’re talking about 70 fully loaded shopping trolleys, more or less. For this ‘service’ the cashier allegedly received 50 euros per loaded trolley.

The Public Prosecutor says that not one item of the stolen items was ever recovered and that the system would have carried on if it had not been for the supermarket owner’s wife who accidentally stumbled on the set up: she saw the cashier erasing each item after scanning its barcode.

The cashier realised that the woman had been watching her so she told the sisters that she was no longer willing to participate. They were not happy with her decision and threatened to bubble her to the owner if she did not continue with the arrangement. And that’s what they did but not to the owner but rather to another female employee. She, in turn, told the boss and the cashier was immediately sacked.

Now without a job a knowing that the sisters had bubbled her, she went around to the Guardia Civil post and bubbled the sisters, claiming that she had been coerced into cooperating with the sisters.

The Public prosecutor is recommending a 3-year prison sentence for the cashier and three years being barred from working in any shop. He also recommends that she be forbidden from approaching the supermarket or its owners for four years. As for the two sisters, the P.C. only recommends a 30-month jail sentence and three years prevented from approaching the supermarket.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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