Granada Inland

News from inland Granada: Alpujarra, Lecrin Valley,Alti-plano & Poniente

Second Linx Killed

GRA Link Killed on Road

Not long ago, conservationists decided to reintroduce the Iberian Lynx back into the province of Granada and accordingly five were released in the mountain lands in the North.

Fined & Fooled

GRA Fine Paid in 1-Euro Coins

The city police in Granada (Policía Local) turned up to hand out fines to badly parked cars and came away with a lot of loose change.

Pointless Complaining?

GRA Fuente Vaquero Supermarket Problems

Fuente Vaqueros has long been a problematic municipality, as one supermarket there well knows; they reported 80 incidents of shop lifting but to no avail.

Brrrrr Baza!

GRA Snow 400x250

Whilst it might seem a little on the chilly side on the Costa Tropical, up in Baza on the altiplano de Granada (plateau) temperatures dropped to below 7-degrees Celsius.

Baby’s Body Found

GRA Baby's Body Found JA23

The discovery was made around 11.00h yesterday on the Camino de la Barrera, which is the north-east of the city of Granada known as El Fargue (Albaicín district).