News from Salobrena, costa tropical, Granada

Test-Kits for Salobreña Police

SAL Mayor talking to police and legion

Salobreña Town Hall has acquired 120, Covid-19 test kits for controlling possible contagion within the Policía Local, which should arrive next week. The twenty members of the police force will be tested once a week.

Junk-Collection Suspended

ALM Furniture Rubbish Collection

Salobreña has suspended its weekly, household-junk-collection service for the duration of the lock down, which presently finishes on the 11th of next month. Normal domestic, rubbish collection continues as before.

Chinese Generosity

SAL Chinese Donation

Two Chinese residents of Salobreña, Pinwei Zhou and Junli Xia, who run a business there, have donated masks and rubber gloves, etc to the Policía Local.

The Coast is a Magnet

GRA Panic Buying 02

The Mayor of Salobreña has warned that people are leaving the big cities and heading to the coast to take residence in the holiday homes to weather the health crisis.