Martin Myall

So Near But So Far

ECO Capturred Illegal Immigrants

Over a hundred illegal immigrants in several boats came ashore in the municipality Albuñol but the Civil Guard managed to round up 91 of them.

Mr Nasty

AXA Torre del Mart Paseo

In the early hours of Friday morning, the municipal police stopped a vehicle in front of the Paseo Marítimo in Torre del Mar, as the car had no headlights on.

Palms Cut Down

MOT Plaza de las Palmeras

The Plaza de Gaspar Esteva, more commonly known as La Plaza de Las Palmeras, is losing its Palms, thanks to a beetle plague.

Bodíjar Rescue

COS Bodijar

The Guardia Civil mountain-rescue service was called out to the Bodíjar area in the Valle Río Verde to rescue a family.