Martin Myall

Over Generous Junta?

LHR Dani's Nautico

The Junta has granted another licence for a chiringuito in La Herradura, which has pleased nobody but the Junta and the business owner concerned.

Vox Wife Beater

AXA Wife Beating Vox

The Guardia Civil have arrested the Spokesperson for the far-right party, Vox in La Zubia (metropolitan Granada) for alleged gender violence at home.

Pady Motos, Motril

PP Pady Motors, Motril OnL

Now, when you recommend something, there can be no better guarantee than putting your money where your mouth is: I did, with Pady Motos in Motril.

Junta Publishes Decision

AND Marbella Night Life

Well, the Junta has finally published the BOJA, which is in the regional gazette and the final word on government decision – if it’s not in the Boja, it doesn’t count.