Martin Myall

Camper Van Revenge!

GRA Avenida de Las Fuezas de Las Armada

Granada City Hall has to pay 31,000 euros compensation to a camper-van owner, whose vehicle was a write-off after hitting overhanging branches within the city.

Butano Goes Up Today

SPN Butano 400x250

Today the price of a butane bottle will go up by 4.91% and will now cost 17.75 euros. The new price was published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado yesterday.

Slow News Sunday

House News 01

There’s not much to report on this Sunday night for readers to find here on Monday morning, so it’s a good chance to explain something about our article format.

Put up or Shut up

ALM The Mayor Strikes Back

The Mayor of Almuñécar has responded to criticism from the main opposition party concerning her use of a company convicted of corruption to build the market.

Test-Kit Price Set

SPN Minister for Health Carolina Darias

A special governmental commission charged with setting the price of medicines (CIPM) has fixed the price of an antigen test-kit at 2.94 euros.