Martin Myall

Comedy Wildlife Photos

WLD Comedy Wildlife Photography Competition OnL

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were founded in 2015 by two photographers – Paul Joynson Hicks and Tom Sullam, aiming to promoting conservation.

New Covid Scam

SPN Desinfecting a room in PPE

Although the following incidents took place on Lanzarote, it could serve as a warning closer to home; the Covid desinfection scam.

No Elderly Saviours

GRA Imserso on a bus

For about five years I used to play in a hotel band knocking out pasodobles for elderly Spaniards because in the winter they were the majority of hotel guests.

Latest Covid Results

GRA Covid in municipalities 24SP20

Here are the latest figures for the province of Granada. Many villages have not registered any positive PCR readings and are therefore not included