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News from Granada city and its surroundings

Fined & Fooled

GRA Fine Paid in 1-Euro Coins

The city police in Granada (Policía Local) turned up to hand out fines to badly parked cars and came away with a lot of loose change.

Baby’s Body Found

GRA Baby's Body Found JA23

The discovery was made around 11.00h yesterday on the Camino de la Barrera, which is the north-east of the city of Granada known as El Fargue (Albaicín district).

No Ticket Bookings Available

GRA AVE Train in Granada Train Station

The Chairman of the Cámara Granada y la Confederación Granadina de Empresarios is less than jubilant over the high-speed train connections to Granada station, better known as the AVE.

Three in A Box

GRA Abandoned Puppies

It shows that we’re coming up to Christmas because people are abandoning puppies, which was the case in the centre of the city of Granada. To often pets given as presents don’t make it past January.

Santas on Motorbikes

GRA 600 Santas

Your grandchildren probably wonder how Santa manages to cover the whole world on his own, but they needn’t because there were over 600 Santas in Granada yesterday.