Regional news from Andalucia

Post Covid?

GRA Hospital San Cecilio-PTS

We’ve almost all forgotten about Covid 19 and are only reminded when we enter pharmacies, medical centres & hospitals nowadays, where masks remain obligatory.

Murky Tap Water

AXA Periana

The Mayor of Periana, Rafael Torrubia (PSOE), has asked the 3,100 residents of that town not to drink the tap water, as it is completely murky.

Andalucía Mourns

AND Andalusia Flag at Half Mast

The PM for the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, signed a Decree marking an official day of mourning for the passing of Queen Elizabeth, as a mark of respect for her.

Lucky Escape!

ALM Ferry Docked in Almeria Port

A teenage girl fell over the side of a ferry as it was docking in Almería port but was rescued by a policeman who was on duty and had dived into the water.

A Light in The Sky…

AND Light in the Sky SP22

In the early hours of this morning a mysterious light in the sky was witnessed by people in different parts of Andalucia and caused a flurry of images on social media.