Guardia Rescues Minor

SPN Playa Caijon Galicia LarachBeachgoers watched in consternation as a minor was being swept out to sea by a strong current off Playa de Caíon (Galicia) at the beginning of the week.

An off-duty, Guardia Civil policeman, enjoying a day on the beach, didn’t hesistate to dive into the sea and strike out to where the child was struggling to stay afloat.

He reached him and managed to bring him back to the beach, none the worse for wear, despite his close shave.

The rescue was made worse by the fact that there was a sea mist coming in, reducing visibility considerably.

People on the beach seeing the minor in difficulty (before the policeman entered the water) had phoned the emergency number 112, which called out Salvamento Marítimo and the Servicio de Guardacostas de Galicia. Fortunately, news that the minor was back, safe and sound, on the beach, allowed the emergency call centre to call off their deployment.

(News: O Laracha, A Coruña, Galicia)

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