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Outboards and Outlaws

Two men, aged 26 and 29, were arrested for allegedly stealing outboard motors. The stolen motors have been recovered and returned to their rightful owners.

Did You Know?

In the “Did you know this” column, here’s something with which to baffle all your friends. Just how many ‘Sons of Molvízar’ do you think have joined the ranks of La Guardia Civil? Given it’s a small village of about 2,500 souls, and La Guardia is a relatively new organization? (Founded in 1844 – Ed)…

Swarthy Visitor

Imagine, if you will, another lovely, sunny day in the sleepy hamlet of Molvízar, 8.00am, and there you are in your neat little townhouse on a quiet back street…

Busy Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil in Órgiva have been busy, as well, after arresting a local resident and an accomplice from Granada, who had carried out a day-light mugging, witnessed by at least a dozen passers-by.

Pickpocket Nabbed

The Guardia Civil in Granada have arrested a local man with previous convictions for deception and falsifying documents.


A 35-year-old woman was arrested by the Guardia Civil – they’re good at that sort of thing – for allegedly stealing from the house where she was employed as a home help.

Police Presence

You might have seen a pretty impressive turn out of the Guardia Civil where the motorway ends a slip road leads off to join the N-340 at Taramay.

Burglar Bagged

Homeowners will be able to sleep just a bit more easily thanks to the arrest of a 20-year-old Lithuanian burglar who allegedly had been doing the rounds in Almuñécar.

Paraglider Ditches Off Taramay

Have you ever watched the hang gliders and paragliders flying over the beach and wondered how they are not blown out to sea? Well, it does happen, as was the case of a female paraglider pilot, who had to be rescued by the Guardia Civil coastguards.

Coke Bust

A 40-year-old gentleman from Almuñécar was discovered to have a 200-gram block of cocaine on him after he was stopped at a routine road check near Las Gabias.