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  1. John Woodward-Roberts

    We recently discovered that one of our favourite restaurants La Traviesa in Salobrens is now permanently closed. Such a shame.

    Does anyone know the circumstances of the closure?

  2. Hello, since few weeks I ave moved to Spain and now I live in a cortijo near Otivar, so I do not have postal address. That causes big problems with parcels delivery from courier companies. They simply do not ship to “campo” and cortijo location. Post box in Otivar or Almunecar seems not to be a solution. Firstly it would help almost only with correos – spanish national post. Unfortunately courier companies very often do not deliver to post box. Can anybody help with this problem? Any solutions to that question?

  3. It is available in any of the business that advertise with us in Almuñécar for example, as well as the main tourist office and the Paseo del Altillo one. In Almuñécar, for example, you will find it on Cabria beach in Taramay to the far end of La Herradura. The new magazine (July) should be out tomorrow and distribution will begin then. 😉

  4. Felicia

    Close to or in Almuñécar…

  5. Hi, that depends on where you are living/staying?

  6. Felicia

    Hello, where can I get a paper copy of this magazine? Thanks

  7. Barbara Odstrcil

    Dear Sir or Madame,
    I would like to get in touch with somebody according the line-dance association Go country in La Herradura /Almunécar.
    I hope you can help me to find out contact informations.
    Thank you in advance and best regards

  8. I can help.

    FYI: Almuñécar Women only work as an email / newsletter group. And is an online group. I know the organizer of both and will reach out to help!

  9. Hi there!

    I am French, recently retired, currently living in Brittany.

    I am looking for an affordable place to stay in Almunécar (I have been visiting this lovely little town many times already!)and would like to start my search trough your Womens’group (email).

    My question to you is: besides English, is it possible/allowed to write the text of the advert in French and/or Dutch as well?

    Would you be so kind as to add my email address ( on your mailing list? Many thanks for all this!

    Kind regards and greetings from France,


  10. Hi, Murray. I can’t think of any English-speaking groups on Costa Tropical other than the Salobreña International Club:

    They also have a facebook page: Am pretty sure that they can help you.

    The following is from their webpage: “We meet year-round on Wednesdays, except from July to September and a short break at Christmas and the new year. Invited talks, social gatherings and book-swaps are held at Best Western Hotel Salobrena starting at 11.00 am”

  11. Murray

    Can I use it again to ask if there any English speaking groups in this area. We have so far only found the Bridge club, and are frantically trying to learn to play on YouTube! In England we belong to U3A, but they don’t seem to exist here. We are here for about 6 months of the year.

    Hope you know of any groups around, or know a man who does!

  12. I’m both glad that we have covered an event that interests you and sorry that we couldn’t do it earlier because I was up in the Alpujarras last weekend 😉 Thanks again for using our “Your Questions” section.

  13. Murray

    Thank you, I think your article today answered my earlier question. They looked so dramatic streaming out across the hillside with their flags flying. You always know what is going on!

  14. No, we do not; not amongst our online advertiser nor our paper-edition ones, sorry.

  15. Norma Clarke

    Do you have any International Removal companies advertising in your magazine please?

  16. Well, I have heard nothing about this, nor does it seems has Ideal or Info Costa Tropical. There have been no press releases and I am in Pitres in the Alpujarra this weekend, so why don’t you tell us what it is about?

  17. Murray

    One hundred and thirteen people with flags marched across the hill towards Cotobro and on to Almunecar, but no mention of it.. what was going on?

  18. We are staying in La Herradura for a month and loving it. We have no problem with recycling because, as you say, there are plenty of clearly marked recycling bins. But we can’t see any bins in which we can dispose of our domestic (non-recycling) rubbish. Can you advise us?

  19. Hi, haven’t been around your area of Spain for quite a few years & like everywhere else, changes have taken place which will confuse we aged & confused old ex pats!

    Does the once very regular bus still run from Cotobro into Town & vice versa? & if so, what is the fare? & for me a real biggie! Do any of the Almunecar Supermarkets (Mercadona etc) stock full cream lactose free milk & Sourdough bread?

    Will be in Spain from 31st Jan till 28th Feb.

    All advices gratefully accepted.
    John Wright.


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