Sunday Sally Sanctions

ALM Kids on Beach Lock DownThe first day out for kids was going to be a litmus test to see how people would behave. Whilst most followed instruction to the letters, others did not.

Along the Costa Tropical, 38 fines were handed out to people and even businesses.

The children were more up to following the rules than some adults, who took advantage of the occasion to do as they pleased.

In Motril the Policía Local fined a man who decided that he would go out for a jog with his young niece. The police followed when they realised that he was acompanying a minor for an hour up to a kilometre from home, but was using this excuse to run a marathon. When they stopped him his excuse was that he was running to catch up with her as she had got well ahead.

In fact, of the 38 fines, 30 were handed out in Motril, yet the Councillor for Citizen Safety, Mara Escámez, considers that generally speaking the  experiment was “exemplary.”

The councillor said, “the Policía Local were out keeping an eye on the situation, despite calls received from people reporting that they had seen gatherings around town,” adding,”families went out and were responsible and kept a safe distance from each other.”

As for Almuñécar and Salobreña a total of several families were stopped because there were two adults accompanying the children. In Salobreña the police wrote out four fines, as did the police in Almuñécar, for this reason.

The Central Government appears to be happy with the general level of cooperation from the population so it does not seem that the behaviour of a few – all over the country and not just on our coast – has upset their staged plan to open up the country.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Debra Shearman)

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  1. Alan Smitheman
    April 28, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    I was quite pleased that my partners photo was published in the Gazette. We live opposite the beach and have not noticed anyone breaking the rules since they were relaxed…It is quite heartening that local folk realise the enormity of the problem that is happening in Spain and the local area. The residents of Almunecar should be proud of themselves… keep it up and stay safe.

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