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The Murdered Children of Squatters

By Martin Myall

A young couple living in a tumbled-down house in Valencia allegedly murdered both their children; a 5-month-old daughter and a 4-year-old boy. »

Children Kidnapped by Father

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional intercepted a father who was trying to take his children, both toddlers, out of the country illegally. »

Andalusia Seeks Migration Help

By David Darby

Motril has received record numbers of migrants this year already and we're only in September. This human tragedy was brought into sharp focus yesterday as the Motril Town Hall arranged the burial of the five migrants, four men and one woman, who lost their lives at sea after their inflatable boat was sank. »

Local School Improvement Works

By David Darby

In our case it's Rio Verde in Almuñécar, so we were pleased to see municipal workers giving the place a bit of a spruce up, including refreshing the exterior paintwork, before the new term begins. »

Missing Girl Hoax

By Martin Myall

There's a 'missing girl' hoax going around the social media and the Policía Local in the city of Granada are warning people not to be taken in by it. »

Who’s Juana Rivas?

By Martin Myall

She was nobody until a couple of weeks ago. Now, she is seemingly the victim of a soulless judicial system that has forced her into hiding in order to keep her kids. »

Another Bouncy-Castle Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

Within the space of just over a week, there have been two incidents involving badly moored, bouncy castles, resulting in injuries and even a death. »

Bouncy Castle Fatality

By Vivienne Hughes

Seven children were hurt when a bouncy castle in Girona was first reported to have exploded, flying some 40 metres with the children inside, three of whom were seriously injured. »

Child Images & Social Media

By Maria Teresa Velasco

Use common sense when posting pictures of your children: If you are a parent and your child asks that you to remove their picture from Facebook, do not resist: it is their legal right. »

Mother Arrested for Abduction

By Hugh MacArthur

A German woman, resident of Switzerland, abducted her two children and absconded to the province of Málaga on the same day she had to hand them over to their father. »

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