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Polopos Bust

COS Drugs Bust in Polopos NV23

A small, drug-dealing operation in Polopos was shut down by the Guardia Civil as part of Operación Nazarí Ordo Pitágoras23

Colder At Last!

GRA Temperatures Wed22 at 0600h

Well, the Polar front is here after cruising down across Spain giving us temperatures more in tune with a normal, end of November.

PSOE Offices Vandalised

MOT PSOE Offices Vandalised NV23

If you did read Saturday’s article on how socialist party offices around the country are being attacked, then what happened in Motril is a further example.

Bye Bye Bonobo

MOT Chiringuito Benobo Removed NV23

The management of Chiringuito Bonobo on Playa Granada in Motril, has packed it up and taken it away. But it will be back!