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Unreasonable Costas?

By Martin Myall

The Central-Government department, Costas has decided to fence off the parking in front of a chiringuito on Playa Granada. »

Looming Seaweed Problem

By Vivienne Hughes

Fishermen came across a strange 'catch' in their nets off La Rábita on Wednesday - a mass of seaweed looking like a kind normally found in the Pacific. »

Returned Murderess Hoax

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Local in Motril have debunked a hoax going around the town at the moment about a murderess who had been released and had returned to Motril. »

Rubbish and Rumours

By Martin Myall

When the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, announced that she would be externalising refuse collection, not everybody was a happy bunny. »

Looking Back: Thoroughfare Chaos

By Martin Myall

Today's Looking Back article to October 2009 was written by Heloïse Nolan on the chaos caused by the Avenida de Salobreña overhaul in Motril. »

Salobreña Vehicle Arson

By Martin Myall

The Motril fire service were called out Monday night to put out a vehicle fire in Salobreña. They were assisted by the Salobreña police. »

Recognise This Dog?

By Louise Powell

The Policía Local in Motril are looking for the owner of this lost dog that you can seen in the accompanying photo. »

Motril Bricklands Expand

By Martin Myall

Between the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2018, new builds in Motril increased in number by 50%. Brick is on the rise. »

Motril Traffic Restrictions

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Town Hall has begun work on the facade of the Municipal Market, which will cause restrictions to parking until the 9th. »

More Plastic for Motril

By Martin Myall

Motril Town Hall is in the middle of negotiations with the Junta to unblock its plans before this regional authority for a greenhouse-sector expansion. »

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