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Facts & Fines

ALM policestation OnL

The Almuñécar Policía Local knocked up 69 fines during the first half of March, most of which had something to do with the pandemic restrictions.

Crazy Weekend

GRA Policia Local

There are plenty of people who are not taking the situation seriously, as last weekend demonstrated, especially in the provincial capital of Granada.

Almuñécar Fine Tally

ALM Police Control Beaches San Juan 2020

Well, we’ve covered Motril and Salobreña so now it is the turn of Almuñécar concerning the amount of fines being issued over covid-restriction infringements.

Bank Holiday Fines

SAL Police Check Point Pontanilla

The Mayor of Salobreña summed up the All Saints, bank-holiday weekend as “positive in general” as far as the behaviour of the townsfolk is concerned.