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Salobreña’s Expansion Problems

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña is planning to make urban development advances, pushing out to the east. The plan also contemplates a trading estate in the area known as La Tahiba. »

Salobreña’s Reoccurring Stain

By Martin Myall

It was at the end of July last year that Salobreña was plagued by a floating streak of discoloured foam - well, it's been back. »

Salobreña Bomb Hoax

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 14.00h today there was a bomb-scare hoax in Salobreña, which had the emergency services speeding to the scene. »

Looking Back: Salobreña Marina

By Martin Myall

The first of this month's Looking Back choices deals with the long-promised marina in Salobreña, which was supposed to be built next to La Caleta. »

Peña Escrita Cycle Race

By Martin Myall

Things to do on a baking-hot, Andalusian, August day... What about cycling up 1,200 in height along 37 kilometres. Yep, me neither. »

Reader’s Question: Blue Zones

By Gazette Reader

All the coin machines along the beach seem to be wrapped in black plastic bags »

American BBQ in Salobreña

By David Darby

There is a newly, opened smoked BBQ joint in Salobreña, aptly named ThisisBBQ.es, with a unique menu for the Costa Tropical. »

Salobreña Goes Green

By Vivienne Hughes

In the last Plenary Meeting of the Salobreña Town Council a "climatic declaration" put forward by Podemos was unanimously approved. »

Fish Farm not Abandoned

By Hugh MacArthur

It seems as though the reporting in the regional press about the state of abandonment of the Salobreña fish farm has had an effect. »

Failed Fish Farms

By Hugh MacArthur

Salobreña-based fish-farming companies have come and gone and fish pens have multiplied, then almost fizzled out again until obtaining their present state. »

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