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Bike Accident Victim Dies

By Vivienne Hughes

The young man who had a motorbike accident on the N-340 where it passes through the municipality of Salobreña last Sunday died from his injuries on Tuesday. »

Another Salobreña Hotel

By Hugh MacArthur

The paperwork for the Hotel Boutique in Salobreña started back in 2003 but the economic crisis got in the way... until now. »

Drugs Washed Up in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

A large waterproof parcel containing drugs appeared on the Salobreña beach, La Charca, yesterday morning. »

Lorry Stuck on Narrow Lane

By Hugh MacArthur

An articulated lorry became jammed yesterday afternoon on the Camino del Canal in Salobreña. »

Body on Beach Identified

By Vivienne Hughes

The woman's body found floating off a Salobreña beach has been identified to that of a 79-year-old woman from Zaidín in Granada. »

La Caleta Sports Facilities

By Hugh MacArthur

The sports area in La Caleta is being overhauled, especially the fence that surrounds it. This is the one near the old chimney stack on the N-340. »

Body Floating off Salobreña

By Vivienne Hughes

The body of a woman was found in Salobreña waters, just off the beach to the left of the Peñon this morning. »

Party Rebels Return Funds

By Martin Myall

Four PP councillors made an unusual gesture by returning over 8,000 euros, representing part of their party's municipal funding, to the municipal coffer. »

Red Gene by Barbara Lamplugh

By 1616books

When Rose, a young English nurse with humanitarian ideals, decides to volunteer in the Spanish Civil War, she is little prepared for the experiences that await her. »

Sorting Through Electoral Chaff

By Martin Myall

Unfortunately during this last week of the local elections it's hard to find any real news that isn't just electoral flatulence gushing out from all sides. »

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