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Sunday Sally Sanctions

ALM Kids on Beach Lock Down

The first day out for kids was going to be a litmus test to see how people would behave. Whilst most followed instruction to the letters, others did not.

Idiots at Large

SPN Guardia Road Control

There has never been stricter control over traffic; you can’t enter or exit a town without coming across a road check but some don’t take that into account.

No More Nice Patrols

GRA Policia Local Procession during Lock Down

Ever since the Lock Down began, municipal police all over Spain have been carrying out processions with lights and sirens blaring in support of medical workers. They also do it to show support to families confined to their homes.

Test-Kits for Salobreña Police

SAL Mayor talking to police and legion

Salobreña Town Hall has acquired 120, Covid-19 test kits for controlling possible contagion within the Policía Local, which should arrive next week. The twenty members of the police force will be tested once a week.

A Stale Excuse


The police in Motril caught a man breaking the lock down, who had been using a stale loaf of bread as an excuse to be out and about.