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Speargun Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A young man managed to shoot himself with his own speargun whilst diving off a Castell de Ferro beach. »

Dodgy Cold Meat

By Martin Myall

Recent cases of listeriosis in Andalucía are causing social alarm with 52 being hospitalised. »

Car Leasing Theft Ring

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional carried out a bust against a Málaga-based gang that stole high-range vehicles in Germany for sale in that province. »

Two Months Three Dolphins

By Vivienne Hughes

In the last two months five creatures, amongst them three dolphins, have appeared dead on the beaches of Costa Tropical. The other two were a turtle and a shark. »

Things not to Send in the Post

By Hugh MacArthur

Police bomb-disposal experts in Granada had to deal with a WW2 grenade that somebody had sent in the post. »

Woman Falls to her Death

By Vivienne Hughes

This tragic item of news from Thursday, near the Paseo Reina Sofía, Almuñécar, escaped our attention. »

Salobreña’s Expansion Problems

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña is planning to make urban development advances, pushing out to the east. The plan also contemplates a trading estate in the area known as La Tahiba. »

Nice Try

By Hugh MacArthur

A man accused of mugging pleaded in his defence that the victim had handed over 20 euros because he had been a muy pesao (a pain in the butt). »

Calling for Witnesses

By Gazette Reader

Violence by a local police officer over a parking fine yesterday at 13.10h on Costa del Sol Avenue Nº.3, Almuñécar. »

Sneaky Endesa

By Hugh MacArthur

When a utility company or mobile-phone operator launches a new offer where you seemingly save money, you don't - they're not going to launch a product to lose money. »

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