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Restaurante La Corregidora

By Martin Myall

Restaurante La Corregidora in Almuñécar, which is just above the Town Hall Square, has some special group menus lined up for this month and for New Year's Eve! »

Coro Ciudad de Almuñecar

By Anne Eastwood

This choir may sound as though it has a purely Spanish flavour, but actually it’s international. Our members come from all over the world (Spain, Germany, England, Belgium, Scotland, Sweden and even Australia). »

Molvizar Avocado Theft

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil arrested a young man from Molvízar, accused of stealing 1,200 kilos of avocados... that's an awful lot of guacamole! »

Don’t Panic!

By Martin Myall

You might have seen about 50 Guardia Civil motorbike riders out on the roads, all riding together, and wondered whether you were hallucinating. »

Six Hours No Heartbeat

By Editor

It's all over the news; a British woman survives six hours with her heart stopped, thanks to Spanish doctors in Barcelona. »

British Yachtsman Rescued

By Martin Myall

A British yacht had to be taken into tow Wednesday morning by Salvamento Marítimo and brought into Marina del Este. »

Third Malaga Shooting

By Vivienne Hughes

The third shooting in a fortnight in Marbella has led to another murder, this time a French citizen and local resident. »

Better Water for Salobreña

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña's water supply will no longer depend on the Calle Antequera water tank, but on the one in the Matagallares area of the municipality. »

Horseshoe Festive Preparations

By Martin Myall

La Herradura is looking just a little more Christmassy thanks to the poinsettias all over the place, especially around the new beach-road roundabout. »

Woman Attacks Cops in Station

By Martin Myall

The Policía Nacional arrested a young woman who threatened to kill an officer at the Torre del Mar police station. »

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