Spain’s Summer Saved?

SPN Prime Minister SanchezIf all goes well, starting on the 4th of May, the transition period will last between six and eight weeks, divided into four stages.

On the 4th of May Stage Zero begins simultaneously across all of Spain. Then on the 11th will see Stage 01, when the country will move forward by provinces – not nationwide nor by region, but by province, which in our case is Granada. If all goes well we’ll reach Stage Two on the 25th of May and stage Three on the 8th of June at the “New Normality” on the 22nd of June.

So, what the hell is the New Normality? This is the term that the Government is using to describe the period between getting businesses back up and running with restrictions until a vaccine or effective treatment is found. In other words, it’s as close as you can get to our ‘old normality’ whilst the virus is still kicking around.

So, back to Stage Zero on the 4th of May and what will be permitted:
* The elderly and those wishing to jog, etc can go out.
* The reopening of “premises and establishments” working on calling ahead to be attended.
* Sports training for league teams and federation sports persons.
* Public premises to have noticeboards/posters information displays of health measures.
* Surgical masks recommended on public transport.

Stage One on the 11th of May (in the provinces that have maintained their low contagion figures)
* People will be able to travel around their own province
* Hotels to be reopened but without their communal areas. Holiday lets resume (*travel restrictions remain).
* Bars and Restaurants can reopen their terraces but only up to 30% (the inside seating remains closed).
* Those wishing to visit their place of second residence can, as long they are in the province.
* Small shops can reopen whilst they maintain social distancing. Shopping centres remain closed.
* Fishing and farming sectors fully reactivated.
* Churches can give services but only with 30% of its capacity.
* High Performance [sports] Centres for the training of elite-level athletes can open.

Stage Two on the 25th of May:
Provinces and islands (Balearic & Canary) that have maintained a low or zero incidence of infection can open up the inside dining room of restaurants. They will also permit inside music events with a maximum of 50 persons or up to 400 in the case of open-air venues as long as the audience is sitting. Cinemas and Theatre can open but restricted to 30% of their maximum audience capacity.

Stage Three on the 8th of June:
Movement restrictions eased off but the recommendation for the use of surgical masks stand
Previous restrictions for bar/restaurant terrace of 30% will be raised to permit 50%, but still maintaining the 2-metre social distancing.

New Normality on the 22nd of June:
This is the expression that the Government uses to cover the period from between everybody getting back to work but with health precautions and the time when a vaccine or effective treatment is found, after which we will go back to the “Normal Normality.”

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  1. Mary
    April 29, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Slowly slowly ,,best way

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