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What Causes Metastasis?

By Hugh MacArthur

Surgeons have be perplexed by the same observation: if we're dealing with the same kind of cancer, using thesame surgery, by the same doctor ... why in some cases is there metastasis? »

Running for Cancer Charity

By Martin Myall

Two brothers began a long-distance run today from Loja's Plaza de la Victoria to Salobreña, arriving tomorrow in support of the AECC to raise funds. »

Obesity Cremation Ban Dropped

By Hugh MacArthur

The Head of the Public Health Board of the Regional Government for Valencia has reversed a prohibition on cremating obese bodies. »

Lung Cancer Breakthrough

By Vivienne Hughes

Spanish medical researchers have come up trumps thanks to a pioneering treatment for treating cancer of the lung. »

Pedalling Against Cancer

By Vivienne Hughes

(JOA) The AECC presented the Motril Councillor for Tourism, Alicia Crespo, an official cyclist shirt (maillot) from the Reto CeroTresmiles campaign as gesture of gratitude. »

Milking Cancer Sympathy

By Vivienne Hughes

A 44-year-old man was arrested in Xàtiva (Valencia), suspected of fraud; he allegedly swindled 2,600 euros out of a friend, making her believe his daughter had cancer. »

Cheese Against Cancer

By Vivienne Hughes

Master Cheesemaker, Isabel Orantes, together with a Junta bigwig and the Vice Chairman of the Mancomunidad for the Alpujarra, presented a scheme to help in the fight against cancer. »

Listen to Goya

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Apart from those more general considerations, it is known that certain viral infections can beat the path for cancer. An estimated 15% of all cancers can be explained this way. »

Can You Ensure Being Lucky?

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Are most cancer patients simply ‘unlucky’? The media have spread the ‘news’ that 65% of human cancers are inevitable and therefore just unlucky. »

The Alpujarra Cancer March

By Vivienne Hughes

Órgiva was the scene of the IV Marcha Solidaria, Caminando Contra el Cáncer, which as it name implies was a solidarity gesture. towards cancer sufferers »

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