Taha’s Final Journey Home

The town of Cúllar is in mourning for the death of 4-year-old Taha, who passed away from cancer.

GRA ALT CúllarHis parents, who are originally from Morocco and well liked in Cúllar, are going through hard, economic times after having battled against their son’s cancer for the last two years. The father had to give up work to look after Taha.

Naturally, they want him to be buried in his homeland, Morocco but are unable to afford the costs of repatriating his small body, so the good folk of Cúllar are pulling out all the stops to raise the necessary funds.

The Town Hall, using social media, has published the details for a bank account (belonging to the family) where those that wish can donate what they can. Also helping out are several Muslim associations.

Mayor Ana Belén Martínez said that the family is well loved in the municipality and fully integrated within the community. She also explained that Taha has an elder brother, adding that it has been “a very complicated year and it has touched us all.”

(News: Cullar, Baza, Altiplano Granada, Andalucia)

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