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Choked on the Midnight Grapes

By Vivienne Hughes

A 3-year-old child died in Gijón (Asturias) after choking on a grape during the New Year ritual of swallowing grapes to the midnight chimes. »

Fatal Bus Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia team for investigating road accidents (ERAT) is looking into the spectacular bus crash at the beginning of last month. »

Prisoner Not Dead

By Martin Myall

A prisoner in an Asturias jail was found dead in his cell yesterday morning and was taken to the morgue pending a post mortem. »

Boy Dies in Quad Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A 13-year-old lad died in an accident involving a quad in San Pelayo de Tehona, (Asturias). »

100 Fires Blaze

By Hugh MacArthur

The western end of Asturias is being threatened by over 100 different forest fires. The idea that they could be from natural causes is remote, to say the least. »

Asturia Forest Fire

By Martin Myall

A huge forest fire has broken out in Asturias in northern Spain comprising of 99 separate fires. »

Policeman Films Sexual Assault for Laughs

By Hugh MacArthur

Do not adjust your reading glasses; you understood correctly. Amazingly he has kept his job. »

Mercy Killing

By Martin Myall

An 86-year-old man in Asturias ended the life of his terminally ill wife and then committed suicide. »

Poisonous Relationship

By Martin Myall

There's a bar in Gijón, Asturias called El Lavaderu were staff relations were bad, poisonous, in fact, as it later came to light: somebody had been literally putting it in their food. »

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