Three Sudden Deaths

SPN Tractor Driver DrownsThursday and yesterday saw the deaths of three people across Spain; a tractor driver and two men out walking in different parts of the country.

Firstly, a 77-year-old man was hit by a landslide. This occurred in Aller (Asturias). He had been walking along a lane near his house around 17.30h when earth and rocks tumbled down and buried all in its path, including Antonio Lesmes, a retired miner.

Over in Santiago de Compostela en elderly man was buried alive when a retaining wall fell on  him. This occurred in the Parque de San Domingos in Bonaval and was probably caused by the weight of the waterlogged earth behind it. Nobody knew that there was a victim under the rubble until they began to remove it.

The third victim was a 51-year-old tractor driver who was driving along a submerged lane when the wheel dropped over the hidden riverbank . The Tractor toppled over into Río Porma . People who witnessed the accident managed to pull him out of the water and attempt CPR, but to no avail. This accident occurred at around 07.30h Friday morning in Vegas del Condado (Castilla-León).

Down here on the Costa Tropical, high winds brought down a tree over the Otivar road where it passes through Torrecuevas, whilst up in Sierra Nevada the resort was closed down because of very strong winds.

Today, a third rain front in a row arrives, so buckle in!

(News: Asturias, Galicia, Castilla-Leon)

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