Choked on the Midnight Grapes

SPN Midnight GrapesA 3-year-old child died in Gijón (Asturias) after choking on a grape during the New-Year ritual of swallowing grapes to the midnight chimes.

The mother had placed three or four pipless ones before him to accompany the rest of the family during this very Spanish New-Year’s ritual for seeing in the new year.

But the boy started to choke just as the year was entering. The mother desperately stuck her fingers down his throat whilst an uncle slapped his back, trying to dislodge the grape.

They called 112 but New-Year’s night is chaos and the ambulance was taking too long. The mother rushed the striken boy out onto the street looking for help; any help, and they found a woman who had knowledge of First Aid and CPR, but this woman’s efforts were to no avail, either.

The police arrived and decided to rush the mother and child to the nearest hospital, Hospital de Jove, in the patrol car. There they managed to get the grape out and despite their resuscitation efforts, they could not revive him.

The family, originally from Ecuador, have lived for the last 15 years in Gijón in Asturias.

Editorial comment: it’s easy to point out the series of mistakes made by the mother but sadly isn’t going to change anything because she already knows what the biggest one was.

(News: Gijon, Asturias)

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