Paper Edition

News that has been published in the paper edition but not online until now

Salobreña Strongman

SAL Strongman SP21

Now, you wouldn’t want to tell Juan Figueroa he’s ugly, unless you’re locked in a panic room and its via intercom, because he pulls lorries around with his teeth.

Air Force Square

The Spanish Air Force squadron, EVA 9, now has a square named in its honour for its 50th anniversary since it was established in Motril.

Total Summer Rescues

GRA Guardia Rescue Helicopter

On the 21st of September, summer drew to a close and the Guardia Civil could tot up just how many times it had gone out to rescue people: 45 times.

Airshow Controversy

AND Air Show Controversy

The 5th annual Festival Aéreo de Torre del Mar Air Show went ahead on the 12th of last month with around 230,000 spectators, but there was some controversy.