Paper Edition

News that has been published in the paper edition but not online until now

Hair-Raising Car Chase

SPN Canary Car Chase 02

The police waved down a driver to inform her of the traffic fine she had just incurred (She had been using her mobile phone) but instead of stopping there began a high-speed chase.

Covid Travel Restrictions

Here is a list of justifiable causes for crossing over your municipal boundaries if they have been closed due to Covid-19. A) Attending health centres, services and establishments. B) Travelling to work or for the purpose of work or for carrying out legal obligations. C) Attending university, schools, including nursery schools. D) Returning home to…

Motril, Franco and his Medal

MOT Franco Medal

In the days of the Franco regime in Spain, Motril awarded a gold medal to the dictator. However, many have called for this honour to be withdrawn… now that you can’t be shot for doing so.

A Peak at the Past

ALM Castle Towers and Wall

Would you like to see what the Castillo de San Miguel in Almuñécar looked like during different periods in history? Well, so you will be able to.