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Banks and Benches

Most foreigners here know that a ladrón de bancos is a bank robber, but not in this case… This one steals park benches – banco is also the word for bench, you see.


A 24-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stealing jewellery from an elderly couple who had taken pity on him.

Pinching Pigs in Ferreira

The owner of a pig farm in Ferreira, Guadix, lost 15 pigs, a generator and numerous tools to thieves in the early hours of one morning. The said owner, Virtudes Suárez, is not amused.

Copper Wire Thieves Brought to Justice

A Motril law court has found a Salobreña man guilty of receiving and selling on stolen goods; namely copper wiring from municipal lighting installations. The accused man, J.R.J., was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment and was ordered to pay the court costs.

Caught Red handed

The Nerja Policía Local came upon two men as they staggered under the weight of steel piping which they were allegedly attempting to steal.

Smartphone Theft

On average, ten smart phones are stolen every day in the city of Granada. The Policia Nacional arrested 52 people there during the first three months of the year for mobile thefts.

Barred from Airport

The individuals have had court orders served forbid them from entering Málaga Airport, after their arrest over alleged incidents of theft involving tourists.