Salobreña Thefts Solved

sal-guardia-civil-onlA woman in her 30’s was arrested in Salobreña, suspected of having carried out several thefts between the 13th and 26th of October. Two of the victims were an elderly man and woman.

The first incident occurred on the 13th when the suspect allegedly approached an elderly woman at the entrance to her home, asking her for a glass of water.

The victim had the door open ready to enter and the alleged offender put her foot in the door to prevent the victim from closing it, before shoving her inside where a brief struggled ensued.

The victim was shoved to the floor and the accused made off with her handbag. The victim, on the other hand, had to be attended to at the local medical centre, more to calm her than to treat any injury.

The second incident occurred three days later when the accused reportedly approached an elderly man with the excuse of asking him for a cigarette. Once close enough she ripped off his a gold chain around his neck – this time the victim required medical treatment for the injury caused by the action of ripping off the chain.

But it didn’t end there because over the following days, the thief used the same tactic to get close enough to her victims to steal their wallets without them realising; i.e., picking their pockets.

According to the police,  she used the bankcards to withdraw money from ATM’s in Motril, thanks to both victims also keeping a note of their pin numbers inside their wallets.

Her last ‘mission’ was on the 26th when she managed to get into her victim’s house in the early hours of the morning and get away with a handbag containing, amongst other items, a set of car keys.

The victim, after looking around for her bag the next day, concluded that she had left it in her car; when she went to where she had parked it, she discovered that she had not only lost her bag, but also her car.

This last theft; i.e., the car, was witnessed by a passerby, who identified the suspect, leading to her arrest and charge with five counts of theft.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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