Police Car Broken Into

LHR Patrol Car OnLIn an unspecified municipality of Granada a minor broke into a municipal police patrol car and stole a police-issue mobile phone and tablet. He also stole the toolbox.

The combined value of his “booty” was 930 euros, bless him.

Now, as the stolen goods were worth over 400 euros, his actions are considered theft, as opposed to petty theft. Consequently, the lad was sentenced to 14 months’ in a remand home, specialized in drug-addicted minors.

The incident took place back in May last year during the early hours when the lad gained entrance to the garage where the car was parked by simply lifting the door of its hinges, causing no damage to the premises.

Furthermore, the car was unlocked, so he didn’t have to force the doors or cause any other kind of damage to gain entrance.

The youth never found time to sell the stolen items and ended up handing them back to the police at the police station.

The judge also condemned the thief to six months’ probation after being released from the remand home, as well as having to pay the 57-euro cost of the police report to determine value of the stolen items.

Editorial comment: it is not very often that the name of the municipality is withheld from a police provincial-HQ, press release.

(News: Province of Granada, Andalucia)

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