Guardia Officer Stabs Colleague

SPN Policia Nacional Arrest GuardiaA police officer belonging to the Guardia Civil is seriously injured after he was stabbed by a brother officer. The victim was with his daughter at the time.

The attack took place around 20.30h yesterday evening on the Avenida Martínez de Velasco in Huesca (Aragón) when the streets were full of people taking their permitted walks following the relaxation of the Lock-Down restrictions.

The two Guardia Civil officers, both of whom were off-duty at the time, had not been getting on of late; in fact there was quite a bit of bad feeling between them. Furthermore, the fact that the alleged aggressor had been carrying a knife at the time suggests that the attack was premeditated.

The victim, who was in the company of his daughter at the time, was first attended to at the nearest medical centre, but was then transferred to Hospital San Jorge in Huesca.

Meanwhile, the alleged aggressor was arrested by officers belonging to the Policía Nacional and remanded in custody.

(News: Huescar, Aragon)

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