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Naughty & Nasty

GRA Gasolinera Robbers Caught OnL

Two men in their late 20s were arrested in the metropolitan area of Granada, suspected of holding up gasolineras, vehicle theft and resisting arrest.

Police Car Rammed

MOT Police Car Rammed

Three Guardia Civil officers were injured when the driver of a stolen van rammed a patrol car. One of them was seriously injured and medevacked by helicopter.

A Dog, A Goat & Problems

SPN Goat Dog Owner Rescue

If there is one thing that will get your dog into overdrive, it is a goat suddenly appearing from nowhere, thumbing its nose at your startled mutt. It normally ends with a good deal of unforeseen activity.

Suspected Joyrider Arrested

SPN Joyrider Returns Car

The Guardia Civil in Cantabria arrested a teenage driver for driving a car without the knowledge nor permission from the owner, on at least two occasions. Neither did he have a driving licence.