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Attempted Suicide Thwarted

By Hugh MacArthur

Thanks to several officers from the Policía Nacional in Motril it was possible to prevent a 90-year-old man from killing himself. »

Elderly Man in Road Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

A man in his 80s suffered a road accident whilst riding his scooter on the N-340 more or less above Cotobro in Almuñécar. »

Human Chain Rescue

By Vivienne Hughes

A 79-year-old farmer in Motril was rescued from the bottom of a barranco by a human chain of police officers and fire fighters. »

Recycling Plant Search

By Martin Myall

The Provincial Homicides Brigade is looking into the hypothesis that the body of a missing elderly man is in a municipal refuse recycling plant. »

Octogenarian Falls from Tree

By Vivienne Hughes

A man was injured in Almuñecar yesterday when he fell from a pomegranate tree whilst picking its fruit. »

Elderly Man Missing in Ítrabo

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil and Protección Civil have been looking for a missing, elderly man from Ítrabo, who is suffering fom Alzheimer's. »

Conmen Strike in Orgiva

By Hugh MacArthur

The police in Órgiva (Alpujarra) have arrested three men, aged between 30 and 48 years of age, two of whom were gasmen for stealing a large sum of cash from an elderly man. »

Pedestrian Killed by Minor

By Vivienne Hughes

An elderly man was knocked over and killed in Alicante when he was hit by a vehicle allegedly driven by a minor, who then fled the scene of the accident. »

Suicide Attempt Kills Passerby

By Hugh MacArthur

An 80-year-old man died when a young woman fell on him from a 7th-floor balcony. Her fall hadn't been an accident; her intention was to commit suicide. »

Elderly Man Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

And elderly man was arrested in Almuñécar around the middle of the month, accused of the holding a 14-year girl against her will and sexually assaulting her. »

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