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Australian Incest Tragedy

Reports from Australia state that twelve children were taken from their rural family home, to a place of safety, after it was discovered that they had been subject to sexual abuse, including incest and were living in appalling conditions.

New Nursery Term Time

The children have all now returned to school, while for some this is their first educational experience. The new term started in the children’s community centres in both Almunecar and La Herradura with a total of 186 new students, aged from zero to three years, spread across eleven classes and half a dozen centres, according to the head of Social Welfare, Maria del Carmen Reinoso.

Curry Charity

I would be remiss, if I did not mention the wonderful Curry Lunch, prepared by Mike & Jenny Comley recently, in aid of a charity called “Children in India.”

Science on the Streets

Going back to the subject of schools, but on a much happier note, May saw local schools taking part in the 10th Scientific Conference, celebrated on the streets of the village with local children demonstrating their skills.

Competitiveness in the Family

The question is; should a parent actively encourage their children to be competitive?
I read an article recently that said for Donald Trump’s children family holidays were a very competitive affair. His son, Eric, recalls that when skiing in Aspen, his father was so keen to beat his children in races that he would push them over or hold them back with a ski pole. Imagine a grown man pushing over a 10 -year old to win a race!

When You’re Little by Ella Umley

It’s strange how when you’re young you see the world as a completely innocent place; where your mum and dad are your best friends, Father Christmas fills your stocking and the tooth fairy leaves money under your pillow.

Christmas Comes…

It’s that time of year again when the lovely little children of the world get excited at the prospect of receiving all the contents of a Christmas list as long as your arm.