Who’s Juana Rivas?

GRA who is Juana RivasShe was nobody until a couple of weeks ago. Now, she is seemingly the victim of a soulless judicial system that has forced her into hiding in order to keep her kids.

Juana, resident of Maracena (Granada) went into hiding on the 26th of July, which was the day that a court order obligated her to hand over her two children, aged 11 and three, to their father, no matter that he had been convicted of beating her up.

This conviction was in Italy where she lived with her Italian husband, but she had fled the country with her two children in the summer of 2016 with the excuse of going on holiday to Spain.

A judge in Granada had ordered, in accordance with International Law, that the mother should hand the children over to the father and that there exists no risk to the well-being of the minors.

The father, Francesco Arcuri, his lawyer and the Italian Consul, had been at the courthouse in Granada at 10.30h; the hour set for her to appear and hand over the kids but after it was obvious that she nor any legal representative appointed by her, was going to show, they left, but not before the lawyer called for her arrest – the judge, however, will decide that.

In the meantime there is growing support for Juana, even though somebody had stuck up a poster saying “Stop Feminazis.”

One last point, although the conviction for gender violence was from eight years ago, for which he received a 3-month sentence, Juana had reported him again for the same thing not long before fleeing the country, having not waited to see the outcome.

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Editorial comment: So, given the information here, what do you think about the situation? Could the second denuncia del maltrato doméstic have been an insurance policy for a decision already made to go back to Spain with the kids? Does it matter? Should the law give custody to the husband, who has a conviction for gender violence when the wife has no criminal conviction of any other kind?

(News: Maracena, Granada, Andalucia)

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