Missing Girl Hoax

GRA Missing Girl HoaxThere’s a ‘missing girl’ hoax going around social media and the Policía Local in the city of Granada are warning people not to be taken in by it.

The hoax post contains this photo of a young girl, together with a harrowing recording of a father pleading for his daughter to return.

According to the said post, the girl is from Granada, but as the police pointed out, the hoax originally stated that the girl was from estepona.

A group of volunteers belonging to the Andalusian Emergency Services and dealing with online affairs contacted a national missing-person association, SOS Desaparecidos, which confirmed that this girl is not registered.

Another recent hoax was a ‘warning’ about a white van that was driving around kidnapping children – the driver; not the vehicle itself, but being a hoax, I’m not so sure…

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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