Local School Improvement Works

Many of us are getting rather excited! After nearly three months at home, our children are returning to school. As you can seeALM Back to School Funny from the accompanying photo, this is a very sad time for us parents. In our case it’s Rio Verde in Almuñécar, so we were pleased to see municipal workers giving the place a bit of a spruce up, including refreshing the exterior paintwork, before the new term begins.

But it’s not just Rio Verde, with works already concluded at La Santa Cruz, San Miguel and La Noria. At present the workers are just finishing off at Rio Verde and Virgen de la Antigua. Over in  La Herradura,  Las Gaviotas is getting a good seeing to as well.  And the the jolly old Town Hall haven’t forgotten the tiny kiddywinks, with a lick of paint also being applied to the play-schools at La Noria and Reina Sofia.

So, how much does this kind of work cost? Well, according to the King of Maintenance at the Town Hall, Francisco Alba Casares, a 50,000 euro budget has been allocated to the work.

He also pointed out that during the summer some essential maintenance work has been carried out in La Santa Cruz, Virgen de la Antigua and the Reina Sofia play-school.

Brilliant stuff! Not only do we manage to get rid of those pesky kids… they’re going back to shiny new paintwork.

(News, Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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