Fresh Air For Kids?

SPN Kids Getting Fresh air during Lock Down 02Whilst respecting everything the Spanish government is doing to bring the country back from the Coronavirus brink, their latest idea on how to get our children some time out of the house and some much needed ‘fresh air,’ as Sr. Sánchez described it, is at best ill conceived and at worst, quite frankly, ridiculous.

Surely this can only have been thought up by someone who has no children?

Is this really a ‘fresh-air’ solution? I can think of several people who live on the outskirts of our town who only leave the house once a week to do essential shopping, as per the lockdown rules. So, their children’s dose of fresh air would consist of getting into a car, inside the car to the supermarket, out of the car at the supermarket. Queuing outside for 20 minutes, then walking around doing the shopping, back into the car and home.

Most people will tell you that sometimes shopping can be quite difficult when you have kids. Just imagine trying it with a toddler under these conditions. Standing quietly, not touching, keeping masks and gloves on…

Surely, the solution is similar to the ‘dog-walk’ idea. Maybe just an hour a day in the open accompanied by one or two parents. No playing with friends; just walking and running.

Social distancing with a small child is much easier on the move and with room to manoeuver. We’ve been quite an obedient population up to now, so if the rules were, different age ranges at different times of the day to avoid one big rush, I’m sure people would adhere to it.

I should point out that our son is ten and pretty well behaved, and living in town means that he would at least get a good walk to the shop, so this article/rant is on behalf of those that drive to do their shopping or have, well, let’s be kind and describe them as ‘challenging’ children or toddlers.

Does the government really think that we, as parents, are so stupid and irresponsible that we would assume an hour a day out with our kids would lead us to let them have a mass group playtime every day with parents kissing and hugging each other on the sidelines?

What do you think, Readers?

21.00h Update: the Government has just back-peddled on this one and has announced on the 9 o’clock news that children will be able to go out for a walk.

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  2 comments for “Fresh Air For Kids?

  1. Charlotte
    April 21, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    I can assure you, that even people, without children, find this absolutely stupid!

  2. Jenny Comley
    April 21, 2020 at 8:39 pm

    I totally agree, the take your child shopping idea is ridiculous . Treat children to a walk, skate, small bike ride, but please keep them out of shops. The exception I would make is single parent families whose children are too young to be left at home when you go food shopping. For some of us it is really a matter of life and death to be able to shop safely. I know the wonderful social services will bring food parcels to the vulnerable but if we can physically do our own shopping then we plead with the government to be allowed to do that in a safe environment. So far the supermarkets have done a wonderful job of keeping us all safe with social distancing etc. How will they be able to do that with small children?

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