The Murdered Children of Squatters

SPN Infantcide HippiesA young couple living in a tumbled-down house in Valencia allegedly murdered both their children; a 5-month-old daughter and a 4-year-old boy.

It all started on Thursday around 08.00h in Godella (Valencia) when the police received a call from a neighbour to say she had seen a man running behind a semi-naked woman covered in blood  after they both emerged from a house in ruins.

A Guardia Civil patrol was sent round to a derelict house where a young couple, both with mental issues, had been squatting with their two children. The mother and children weren’t there, only the father. “They’re all dead” he answered upon being questioned as to their whereabouts.

A huge search operation was launched immediately. A few hours later a tracker dog found the 25-year-old woman lying in overturned barrel in a state of shock. But she was alone and was making no sense so the search continued. Finally, at 19.30h the police managed to convince the woman to tell them where the children were; she confessed that she had buried them next to the house. The police found them in a shallow grave.

Maria G. and her 26-year-old partner, Gabriel from Belgium, were both heavy drug users and experienced psychotic episodes. Gabriel had worked in a restaurant kitchen until last month when he was fired for being high at work. That same month they took their son out from the local school, saying that they were going to move.

(News: Rocafort, Valencia)

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