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Anacondas R Us

A local La Herradura resident decided it would be really good fun to have a huge snake (don’t we all!). So I’m presuming he contacted someone like ‘Anacondas R Us’ in Barcelona and within a few days he received his snake in the post.

That Band

The now legendary That Band will be playing at the La Cochera in La Herradura on Saturday 30th May. Mike, Duncan, Javier and Roland will be performing their particular mix of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, rock and soul.

El Cerval Bajo and El Cerval Alto

It’s funny how you can live here for a score or more years and still find somewhere new just seven kilometres behind La Herradura. I’m talking about los Cervales, which is a small cortijada (hamlet) – two really, because you have El Cerval Bajo and El Cerval Alto. It wasn’t that long ago that the hamlet had no paved thoroughfare, no electricity and certainly no telephones.

Anyone for Tennis?

Anyone for Tennis? There are more than 40 ladies and gentlemen in the Las Palmas tennis club from all over Europe, including Belgium, UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Austria, Argentina, Switzerland and Spain, a real mix of both residents, and others who spend part of their year here.

Charity Dinner

The month of April saw a special charity dinner in the Peña Parda Restaurant, in aid of the Spanish Association against Cancer. To say the event was well attended would be an understatement, with the venue packed to the gunnels!

Chiringuitos to stay

Those of you with long memories will recall, way back in 1987, the destruction of almost all the chiringuitos on the beach in La Herradura, to comply with the Ley de Costas (Law of Coasts).

A truly tragic story

A truly tragic story unfolded on Thursday 23rd April when Alicia, a 35-year-old local woman was working at her cleaning job in the offices of Centro Jate de La Herradura, (underneath the Municipal Market).
Unknown to Alicia her ex-partner, 55-year-old Cecilio, had secreted a bag with parcel tape and petrol near the door of the building earlier.

Pending insolvency averted

Going back to the Mayor’s announcement of pending insolvency last month, on the 7th of April he announced that the situation had been averted and that the salaries were now guaranteed. The 16 days of suspense were over.

New School Demand

We have all seen the white sheets hanging around the seafront with large black letters on them demanding a new school, and bemoaning the state of the existing facilities, so who was it the protestors were trying to get through to?