Journey to the Light

Have you ever met someone who died? Someone who died and lived to tell about it? Sounds bizarre and incredible, right? Well, I know a Danish gentleman, living in La Herradura, who has had that unfortunate (or should I say fortunate?) experience.

His name is Kristian Dam. Many years ago, he was in a horrific car accident and had, what is called, a near-death experience. The incident so profoundly changed him that it consequently changed the course of his whole life. Nothing was the same after that fateful day. In fact, he felt that he didn’t recognize himself anymore. The journey his life has taken since that day is recorded in his newly published book. It is written in Danish and is appropriately called Min Vej Mod Lyset (My Journey to the Light). An English version is in the works, and I promise to keep you posted as soon as it is published.

Believe me when I tell you this – his story is absolutely fascinating and inspiring. I know that first hand because I have met the man, and I have read his book. Parts of the book are mind blowing and baffling. But then again, don’t just take my word for it – read it for yourself. I doubt you’ll be able to put it down for long. I also guarantee that you will be contemplating what your life is all about, and wondering if you are living the life that you could and should be living.

Throughout the book, Kristian invites you to join him on his journey. He regularly starts a dialogue with you and presents you with questions or ideas to reflect on. This automatically and invariably engages you, simply because you can’t help yourself from thinking or silently answering him.

His journey has suddenly becomes yours. And what a journey it is. You travel to Denmark, Egypt, Morocco, various parts of Spain, to ashrams in India, and into the world of Reiki, healing, the law of attraction, manifestations, soul travels, spirituality and religious beliefs.

He writes about Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba, Babaji, Usui, Anubis and more. He draws you into the mysteries of the universe, consciousness, compassion, forgiveness, and most importantly, Love. He tells you in detail what happened when he died and was ‘outside’ his body and how it transformed him.

Throughout the book, Kristian Dam generously and humbly shares the countless Reiki healings he has facilitated – a gift that he was bestowed, and has developed, since his near-death experience.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is a believer, or a non-believer, of life after death. The book is available at Anni’s Vitalshop, Nerja and Vitamina in Centro Idea, Fuengirola.

It can also be purchased online at Price €39. Readers are also welcome to contact the author directly at e-mail: or at tel. 606 873 522.

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