Duncan Inglis

End of the World Finally

The infamous and utterly misunderstood Mayan calendar, according to some, has it that we will all go poof in a cloud of cosmic debris on December the 21st, 2012. While quite complicated, and conflicted owing to scientific analysis and other discoveries, the prediction, should it prove true, might be a blessing as 2013, at least for Spain, looks to be an even harsher year than 2012 will turn out to be. Will anyone be saved?

More Explosive News

A 53-year-old man from Madrid, out walking and minding his own business, was suddenly struck in the scrotum by a bolt of lightning sent straight from the fury of Zeus.

Daylight Robbery

Some daylight was stolen… no, hang on, 1 million euros were stolen from a bank in Pontevedra by an employee in charge of debt-collection.

Gay Penguins

Now here’s something to get serious about. Two homosexual flightless birds at the Madrid zoo, sentimental partners for six months, apparently have been dreaming about a child of their own

Spanish National Articles x 3

Three more articles from our Spain section in the March issue, including Spanish anger at a French promotional film suggesting drug taking amongst Spanish athletes, further outrage at a ‘frozen Franco’ work of art and Spanair have gone bust.