Toddlers and Doddlers

Courtesy of Infocostatropical

As mentioned above, Las Maravillas saw the inauguration of the new kiddies’ park, which is situated next to the sports pavilion.

Well, to be precise, it is not only for kiddies, but also for the elderly, because part of its name is ‘Biosaludable,’ meaning that it has the sort of exercise apparatus that is on several of the municipality’s beaches.

La Loma now has quite a few additions, such as underground waste-bin installation, a village hall for reunions, a small square, the chapel (ermitage), a small sports pavilion and now the new park, which cost 91,000 euros, and all, as the Mayor was keen to point out, whilst he has been at the helm.

(News: Andalucia, Granada, La Herradura)

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