Park And Be Damned

MOT Playa Granada, prohibido aparcarNo matter that Costas has been fining the paintwork off cars parked on the beach on Playa Granada – it’s the weekend and there’s nowhere else to park.

The sign proclaims article 33.5 Ley de Costas that forbids driving, parking and camping on the beach – but they have been there forever and nobody, ever, had taken any notice – you want to spend the day on Playa Granada and you need to park up, so you do just that.

But Costas is Costas and they are not exactly inundated by christmas cards from admirers each year, bless their cotton socks. Their provincial office has decided to enforce the law without counting on the fact that the Motrileño es mucho Motrileño and los visitantes Granadinos, ni te digo!

It’s not just the beachgoers that glow in the dark; not from sunburn, mind you, but from the monumental irritation of finding out that they have been fined. No, it’s the chiringuito owners, too, who see their long-awaited summer trade in peril because of a pen-pusher in the city of Granada that has decided to run for a Gold Medal in obnoxiousness… and then take their own summer holidays in the firm knowledge that they’ve ruined everybody else’s.

On a weekend like this one any available ‘legal’ parking evaporates faster than an ice cube in the Sahara so when the typical Spanish family, loaded down with beach equipment and an excess of children, weighs up a route march from the nearest available parking to the beach or getting fined for parking on the said beach, well, who can blame him. After all, it is also the hottest June temperatures in a hundred years.

Costas, after all, is like an appendix; there was a purpose for it when we came down from the trees, but now it’s just something that will probably try to kill us and is best dispensed with.

Yes, our beaches need to be protected from the voracious appetite of the construction sector, from the unscrupulous councillors and mayors that look the other way with a hand under the table, and from those that seek to destroy our beaches either through carelessness or design. However, las playas belong to the Spanish people for their enjoyment so if a strip of beach next to a road needs to be set aside for parking, so be it, in order for Spaniards to be able to enjoy their heritage.

God preserve us from self-important bureaucrats and their embittered minions. Amen!

(News/Opinion: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. June 30, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    The problem is Costas; not the law or it being enforced. Let me give you and example: a restaurant close to the sea had the foundations under it dining terrace eaten out by a storm. The concerned owner contact Costas informing them of the danger but they replied that they did not have the funds to fix it. Fine, he thought, and paid to fix what was fundamentally a Costas deficit from his own pocket. However, an inspector came around, saw the it had been repaired and told the owner that he had to dismantle the safety work or face a fine.

    Now, how do you explain that? What do you campaign for? For the Head of the provincial office of Costas to be shot at dawn?

    You must also know about the fight that La Herradura had a year or so ago with Costas over parking down the Peña Parda end?

    I’ll tell you what the problem is, and it is quite simple: every province in Andalucia that has a coastline has its provincial capital on the coast. Not so Granada – it’s capital is over 80 kilometres in land and that’s where the Costa bureaucrats hide out having not idea about the reality of living on a coast other than what they have seen in a photo or pulled out of a Christmas cracker.

  2. Soren
    June 30, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Berating government for enforcing the law is not right. You should instead be campaigning to have the law changed if you disagree.

    Cars on the beach can cause all sorts of health and environment risks.

    It is the local government’s tasks to ensure there are plenty of parking spots for the tourists they so depend on. It can not have come as a surprise.

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