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Junta Backs Motril Marina

By Martin Myall

The Marina project for Playa Granada has taken another important step towards becoming reality - the Junta de Andalucía has come out in support of the idea. »

Fighting a Losing Battle

By Vivienne Hughes

High winds driving strong surf have eaten away Playa Granada in Motril again leaving the chiringuito sector far from happy. »

Plans for Villa Astrida

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Town Halls has plans to revitalise Playa Granada by increasing services in its most 'forgotten areas.' »

Unreasonable Costas?

By Martin Myall

The Central-Government department, Costas has decided to fence off the parking in front of a chiringuito on Playa Granada. »

Motril Bricklands Expand

By Martin Myall

Between the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2018, new builds in Motril increased in number by 50%. Brick is on the rise. »

Beach Bingeing Problem

By Hugh MacArthur

Residents along Playa Granada are far from being happy bunnies over the litter left by beach binges (botellones). »

A New Puerto Banús in Motril?

By Martin Myall

That is what this project to build a marina on Playa Granada is being sold as, by politician and developers, with its 40,000,000 price tag. »

Parking, Fines & Fallout

By Martin Myall

With summer just begun the parking crisis down on Playa Poniente is heating up with exchanges between Costas and the Town Hall. »

Park And Be Damned

By Martin Myall

No matter that Costas has been fining the paintwork off cars parked on the beach on Playa Granada - it’s the weekend and there’s nowhere else to park. »

Motril Air Display 2019

By Louise Powell

The XIV Festival Aéreo Internacional de Motril is just around the corner; an event that will attract tens of thousands of spectators. »

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