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Parked not Camping

LHR Camper Vans on Cantarrijan

The opposition party in Almuñécar, Convergencia Andaluza has denounced the presence of camper vans on Cantarriján and the Marina de Este.


ALM Blue Zone Lines

The Blue Zones along Almuñécar’s and La Herradura’s seafront paseos were deactivated yesterday, the 1st of September.

Marina Blue Zone

LHR Camper Van Marina del Este

One of the most popular beaches in La Herradura is probably its most secluded one; La Playa de Marina de Este with its excellent chiringuito; parking is another matter.

Motril Vadillo Project

MOT Vadillo Project

The Motril trading estate, el Vadillo, has entered Phase Two of its revamp project and accordingly had a whole gaggle of politicians posing for photos down there.