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Salobreña Old Town Plans

By Martin Myall

Salobreña's old town is worthy of admiration; at the first light of dawn or in the evening when it is all lit up, it aches to be painted. »

Unreasonable Costas?

By Martin Myall

The Central-Government department, Costas has decided to fence off the parking in front of a chiringuito on Playa Granada. »

Dead Body in Salobreña

By Hugh MacArthur

A local in Salobreña came across the body of a 49-year-old vagrant on Friday morning. The body showed no signs of violence. »

More Parking Planned

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña is going about some urban-planning changes with parks, as well as at the entrance to town, known as the Pontanilla. »

Parking, Fines & Fallout

By Martin Myall

With summer just begun the parking crisis down on Playa Poniente is heating up with exchanges between Costas and the Town Hall. »

Park And Be Damned

By Martin Myall

No matter that Costas has been fining the paintwork off cars parked on the beach on Playa Granada - it’s the weekend and there’s nowhere else to park. »

Who’s Pushing The Baby?

By Vivienne Hughes

Police officers located a baby that had been left in a pushchair next to a parked car in Roquetas de Mar at the beginning of November. »

Motril’s Plaza de Tenería

By Vivienne Hughes

Plaza de Tenería in Motril - that's the one next to the market - is going to get thoroughly renovated next year. »

Cantarriján Parking Quibble

By Martin Myall

Anybody that has used the N-340 parking area in order to take the bus down to Playa Cantarriján will be pleased with its new, fully tarmacked, look. »

Almuñécar Summer Parking

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar branch of the opposition party, IU, has complained that there is a lack of information on parking on the market square this summer. »

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