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Sports Pavilion Case Sentence

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar Town Hall is enjoying a winning streak as far as court cases go; the latest concerns a La Herradura underground car park. »

Salobrena Market News

By David Darby

Some new businesses will open their doors (or run up their shutters) in early 2020, which is also the year in which it is expected that the underground parking facilities will open. »

Salobreña Old Town Plans

By Martin Myall

Salobreña's old town is worthy of admiration; at the first light of dawn or in the evening when it is all lit up, it aches to be painted. »

Unreasonable Costas?

By Martin Myall

The Central-Government department, Costas has decided to fence off the parking in front of a chiringuito on Playa Granada. »

Dead Body in Salobreña

By Hugh MacArthur

A local in Salobreña came across the body of a 49-year-old vagrant on Friday morning. The body showed no signs of violence. »

More Parking Planned

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña is going about some urban-planning changes with parks, as well as at the entrance to town, known as the Pontanilla. »

Parking, Fines & Fallout

By Martin Myall

With summer just begun the parking crisis down on Playa Poniente is heating up with exchanges between Costas and the Town Hall. »

Park And Be Damned

By Martin Myall

No matter that Costas has been fining the paintwork off cars parked on the beach on Playa Granada - it’s the weekend and there’s nowhere else to park. »

Who’s Pushing The Baby?

By Vivienne Hughes

Police officers located a baby that had been left in a pushchair next to a parked car in Roquetas de Mar at the beginning of November. »

Motril’s Plaza de Tenería

By Vivienne Hughes

Plaza de Tenería in Motril - that's the one next to the market - is going to get thoroughly renovated next year. »

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